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Hi everyone,

Diawatch is a blog where I plan to jot down my thoughts, news etc in the DIY and #WeAreNotWaiting sector as I progress foward in the ever- changing DIY Diabetes landscape.

About me

My name is Tim, and I am a developer in the #WeAreNotWaiting community. I wish to help make and advance solutions which currently do not exist in the commercial medical sector.
I live in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand. Feel like visiting?
Us kiwi’s are good to get along with and we have pretty good places to hang and chill.

T1D came into my life at 7 years of age, kind of the de-facto age people keep telling me.

I am chair of Nightscout New Zealand, a non-profit for advancing the #WeAreNotWaiting movement and advancing the cause for using tech to get a better health outcome for people with type 1 Diabetes.
You can find out more about Nightscout New Zealand here: https://nightscout.org.nz

My DIY journey started 3 years ago, where I was using a Freestyle Libre and a 3rd party add-on to turn the libre into a source of continuous glucose data.

OpenAPS was my first looping system to run, where I had 3 rigs. 2 were portable and one bedroom rig. The bedroom rig allowed me to walk into my room then sleep without having to carry my portable rigs with me all the time while they charged.

Now I run AndroidAPS with a Dana RS Insulin Pump, Where the artificial pancreas resides on a Android smartphone.
The control of my blood glucose has never been better since starting to loop 2 years ago and embracing the DIY approach to Diabetes.
85-90% time in range (4 - 7.5 mmol) is regularly achieved with an unrestricted carbohydrate intake.

Other than coding and running a non-profit, I do CrossFit and allot of it. Gyming and Physical exercise is priority for me, it allows me to push beyond what I think is possible for myself.

However this was not the normal for me. Late 2013 was when my doctor stated I was borderline obese at 95KG’s.

2014 was the a year I took control and dropped 25 kg’s and steadily started to put muscle on. I then targeted strength and mobility for over 2 years, meeting people that would help shape and transform me into a better person both physically and mentally. I then progressed into Crossfit in 2017. I now do a blend of weights/resistance training and Crossfit. Weighing in now at 92 kg, my body composition is completely different to what it was before.

I now throw myself into situations I would typically be less comfortable in, and have a new prospective about what I can do to make myself better as a person both physically and mentally.

Type 1 Diabetes does not control me, I just manage it with more ease using DIY APS.

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