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Recently I had an situation in where a comment was raised about how I shouldn’t be having sugary things because I have Diabetes.

These rather broad, sweeping comments have been usual since my diagnosis, however the way they can be interpreted can differ allot from person to person.

T1D is one of those auto-immune diseases that if well controlled (and for the most part automated 😉) will not have any negative health impact at all.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is not the same as Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), infact they should be seen as completely different conditions despite having similar names.

T1D is when the pancreas no longer produces insulin to regulate blood glucose and needs an external source of insulin instead to do the same thing. T1D is an autoimmune condition that cannot be reversed or prevented.

T2D is when the pancreas can not produce enough insulin to keep blood glucose in control. This condition can often be reversed by the reduction of high sugar/calorie foods. However this is not always the case. Genetics can have a big role to play in causation and treatment of T2D.

So regardless of the Type of Diabetes that someone may have, it is not always safe to assume that sugary food is causation of someone with either type of Diabetes.

Be kind and dont judge!

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